• Gillian Drewett
    Gillian loves her French bulldog very much and believes in courage, kindness and that all people are inherently good. She is career market researcher because she is fascinated by the human condition. She managed to get a post graduate degree in Social Anthropology and an MBA, both from the University of Cape Town. Go figure!!
  • Chantel Parry
    An editor with a love of travel and meeting new people. Chantel has a long bucket list and loves to hear other peoples' stories.
  • Andrew Cole
    Andrew - the PKCT team leader, MC and licence holder - was raised in Canada, although he is an offspring of the Mother City. Currently head of digital marketing at an agency in Cape Town, he is an experienced communications & content professional who works with organizations to advise and guide their content marketing strategies and social media campaigns.
  • Schalk Joubert
    Solopreneur, undercover geek, web designer and online business consultant at This Side Up Media. I love anything digital but mountains are the best; If not in search of the perfect glide, I’ll bike down on two wheels. I might stop halfway down to pick some mushrooms to enjoy later, along with a glass of wine around a fire, hopefully a campfire.
  • Lauren Markus
    Currently work in the advertising industry, specifically focusing on social and digital advertising and love living in the beautiful city of Cape Town.
  • Hayley McLellan
    Hayley began her career in animal care and behaviour in 1989 with Sea World, Durban. Her career afforded her incredible experiences with dolphins, seals and many different species of birds which were displayed in free-flight, fun and educational demonstrations. In 2013 Hayley stepped into the role of Environmental Campaigner at the Two Oceans Aquarium and her new-found passion is now human behaviour. Banning plastic shopping bags in South Africa is her primary focus these days.
  • Karabo Seipelo
    Karabo Seipelo born and raised in Mafikeng, a digital enthusiast with a love for collecting comic books, videogames and has a serious habit of knolling. His love for a good narrative got him to join Pechakucha and fives years later he hasn't looked back.
  • Tracey Muscat
    Tracey is an art enthusiast who does freelance work for Whatiftheworld gallery. She loves attending live music events and well as enjoys hiking and running, and is training for her first half marathon in March 2016.
  • Stephen Cruickshank
    I have been taking photos since 1984 and have been a professional for more than 15 years. I am passionate about making images and passionate about Cape Town and South Africa and all that this great country has to offer.
  • Sue Parker-Smith
    Sue is an avid trail runner, adventurer and explorer of anything curious and interesting. Her interest in trends, marketing, technology, people and the way they connect, drives her passion for her PR agency Catalyst Communications.