PK50 Luanne Slingerland Sustainable Fashion

Luanne Slingerland – Sustainable Fashion

I started researching the brands I support and the garments in my wardrobe, and realised i need to become a Conscious Consumer. My wardrobe was bursting at the seems and I was funding fast fashion. More research led me to the Rana Plaza Collapse and…more

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PK50 Mark Vella The Future of Relationships

Mark Vella – The Future of Relationships

Almost half of South Africa’s children grow up fatherless, fewer people marry and there are more divorces than ever before. Noting the model of human relationships as failing, Mark proposes a ‘new normal’ and ways to better navigate and support human relationships. From multiple perspectives…more

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PK49 Laura Marson Living a Dynamic Life

Laura Marson – Living a Dynamic Life

Laura has gone from working in the design field to cook to solo world traveller. It is finding small opportunities and taking leaps of faith to make big changes. She hopes to encourage and inspire others with curious minds and wanderlust souls.

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PK49 Jade Khoury Living A Low Impact Life

Jade Khoury – Living a Low-Impact Life

Daring Greatly Jade is a mother, creator, eco activists, teacher and budding entrepreneur. She will be sharing some of the milestones, highlights and learnings of a life changing venture that has spanned over the last 3 years. It started with a leap of faith, and…more

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Glenn Moncreiff - Rock Climbing Outreach

Glenn Moncreiff – Rock Climbing Outreach

DreamHigher is an outreach initiative aiming to bring rock climbing to the vulnerable youth of Cape Town. Our home is one of the world’s premier rock climbing destinations. The emotional benefits of climbing, the strong bonds within the climbing community, and exposure to the beauty…more

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PK50 Patrick Craig The Power of Music

Patrick Craig – The Power of Music

As the founder of Studio 7 – an event featuring live acoustic performances in unique spaces – Patrick shares his love of music and how it can change the way we experience life. As a person who helps brands brand themselves through sound, Patrick believes…more

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PK49 Pete Woodbridge The Creative Monkey

Pete Woodbridge – The Creative Monkey

Showcasing his work (concept art with monkey characters) and the process behind the creation of an image, Pete takes us through his creative journey as an Illustrator, his sources of inspiration, as well as the tools and mediums he uses, to demystify the magic of…more

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Ana-Loayza Pecha Kucha 48

Reset at Afrikaburn 2018

A report back on the development, building and use of a structure in the middle of the desert based on an online collaboration beforehand to design it for use at Afrikaburn, the spontaneous creation of community and a gifting economy in the Tankwa Karoo, now…more

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Neil Kohler PK 48

Flow, more than just an optimal performance state

Through sharing his journey from global surfing traveler to Big City survivor, Neil Kohler will be talking Flow & why it’s the next Mindfulness revolution. He will cover three essentail qualities of Flow, it’s characteristics, how is occurs & why we have all experienced it.

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PK49 Ryan Fortune The Necessity Of Struggle

Ryan Fortune – The Necessity of Struggle

A Typical Millennial Response’ is a collection of writings dedicated to re-shape the unpopular narrative of millennials, sharing personal accounts of young people, struggling to find their place in the world. Having inherited socio-economic challenges that aren’t necessarily their own, Ryan refutes the term ‘millennial’,…more

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Andrew Patterson PK 48

Hiking up Table Mountain every day in 2018

In the face of so much negativity in the news, Andrew has sought to create a positive story to raise money and awareness for organisations doing amazing work in the country (like Habitat for Humanity). By hiking up Table Mountain EVERY DAY during 2018, he…more

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