PK49 Ryan Fortune The Necessity Of Struggle

Ryan Fortune – The Necessity of Struggle

A Typical Millennial Response’ is a collection of writings dedicated to re-shape the unpopular narrative of millennials, sharing personal accounts of young people, struggling to find their place in the world. Having inherited socio-economic challenges that aren’t necessarily their own, Ryan refutes the term ‘millennial’,…more

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Andrew Patterson PK 48

Hiking up Table Mountain every day in 2018

In the face of so much negativity in the news, Andrew has sought to create a positive story to raise money and awareness for organisations doing amazing work in the country (like Habitat for Humanity). By hiking up Table Mountain EVERY DAY during 2018, he…more

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Komal Kumar - Pecha Kucha 48

HIV-to-HIV Kidney Transplants

On a Fulbright Scholarship in South Africa, Komal documents those working on HIV-to-HIV kidney transplants on both sides of the Atlantic, as well as the attitudes, knowledge, and perceptions of the HIV+ population towards HIV-to-HIV transplantation. The talk focuses on Dr. Elmi Muller and her…more

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Reduce food waste

Food waste is a massive global problem. Alexandre Vellieux asks: Can it be addressed with technology? One of the founders of JustNow (a new app) thinks so. This is his story.

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Extreme Performance

The 8,100km row that Braam Malherbe undertook in February 2017 was about purpose beyond ego. Braam has no place in his life for blame and entitlement. When one has purpose, one becomes significant. Braam’s purpose is about DOT, Do One Thing for the planet.

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Death Cafe Mortal Monday

Sean will talk about his experience hosting a non-profit event called Death Cafe. At a Death Cafe, people come together to discuss mortality as a means to making the most of the unknown time they have left, & eat delicious cake. Talking about death, I’ve…more

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Testicular Cancer Education in a Nutshell

Torsten Koehler is a testicular cancer survivor, author of a book on the subject and founder of the awareness campaign “Love your Nuts”. A student said to him once: ‘Thanks to you, I went to the doctor in time. You saved my life!’ Just by…more

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PK49 Pete Woodbridge The Creative Monkey

Pete Woodbridge – The Creative Monkey

Showcasing his work (concept art with monkey characters) and the process behind the creation of an image, Pete takes us through his creative journey as an Illustrator, his sources of inspiration, as well as the tools and mediums he uses, to demystify the magic of…more

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PK49 Jade Khoury Living A Low Impact Life

Jade Khoury – Living a Low-Impact Life

Daring Greatly Jade is a mother, creator, eco activists, teacher and budding entrepreneur. She will be sharing some of the milestones, highlights and learnings of a life changing venture that has spanned over the last 3 years. It started with a leap of faith, and…more

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Matt Bush Pecha Kucha 48

Hold To Your Dreams

Matt shares how he achieved his dream of free solo rock climbing, including the inner journey and battle to overcome his personal fears. In the process, he has achieved South Africa’s most challenging rock climbs… without ropes and safety gear. Visually stunning (and a bit…more

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Tegan Phillips - Pecha Kucha 48

How to punch fear in the face

Using her own drawings (and photos), Tegan shares her story about a self-designed circumnavigation of New Zealand. In order to conquer the challenge – equivalent to 10 IronMan-distance triathlons – she drew herself a small purple potato to help her handle the scarier parts of…more

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Film & Faith

Film is an expression of our conscious and unconscious worlds. Film depicts our engagement with the spiritual dynamic of this life, painting visions of the battle between good & evil. Andrea Gema questions what this battle is & how we can learn more about it…more

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Sustainable Surfboards

From plastic bags to pesticides – most of the waste we produce on land eventually reaches the oceans, either through deliberate dumping or from run-off through drains and rivers. Surfboards are 100% toxic, but there are sustainable surf craft options that can replace these toxic…more

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PK49 Laura Marson Living a Dynamic Life

Laura Marson – Living a Dynamic Life

Laura has gone from working in the design field to cook to solo world traveller. It is finding small opportunities and taking leaps of faith to make big changes. She hopes to encourage and inspire others with curious minds and wanderlust souls.

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Ana-Loayza Pecha Kucha 48

Reset at Afrikaburn 2018

A report back on the development, building and use of a structure in the middle of the desert based on an online collaboration beforehand to design it for use at Afrikaburn, the spontaneous creation of community and a gifting economy in the Tankwa Karoo, now…more

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Neil Kohler PK 48

Flow, more than just an optimal performance state

Through sharing his journey from global surfing traveler to Big City survivor, Neil Kohler will be talking Flow & why it’s the next Mindfulness revolution. He will cover three essentail qualities of Flow, it’s characteristics, how is occurs & why we have all experienced it.

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Ruben Hazelzet Pecha Kucha 48

The Climate Diet

The Climate Diet is a global sustainable food initiative. They create accessible recipes that battle the effects of climate change. How? By collaborating with Master Chefs around the world that inspire a climate diet.

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What would you tell yourself at 18?

At 18, clueless about how to tackle adulthood, Sophie Joans began to stop people on the street and ask them: If you could tell you at 18 one phrase of life advice, what would you say? After collecting thousands of quotes, from street sweepers to…more

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Psychedelic psychiatry in SA

Magic mushrooms could be the kind of breakthrough for mental health treatment as penicillin. Leonie Joubert investigates the renaissance of psychedelic psychiatry & visits an underground movement of therapeutic & ceremonial ‘journey guides’.

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Restoring Calm through Knitting

Connie Abrahams is uniting young & old, bringing peace & knitting skills to the children of her community. Aunty Connie, together with other pensioner-volunteers are breaking the stereotypes of the Cape Flats and bringing a sense of purpose and pride to the next generation with…more

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The Magic of Matjiesfontein

Dean Allen first fell in love with Matjiesfontein in the late 1990s. Since then he has got to know the special people of this small Karoo town and has written a PhD and a book about its incredible history. His talk will explore this unique…more

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