PechaKucha Volume 15

kenneth van rensburg – 3D printing

An industrial Designer, co-founder Protoform Rapid Prototyping and self confessed 3D Printing evangelist. Speaking on a this incredible technology-what it is, how it works, some exciting projects they’ve been involved with in South Africa, how it can be used and where it’s heading.


jason drew – the story of the fly

How the fly could save the world – by providing a protein source at scale.


dillion sipho phiri

A reflection on the creativity – or lack of it – of our generation. Are there any truly original ideas left to be discovered?

lindy taverner – extreme sports around the world.

Extreme sports rarely receive front page coverage. Lindy Taverner is a journalist who has reported on a range of insane sports around the world, with an intense fascination for the individuals to put their bodies on the line in their quest to be the best at ‘out there’ sports. She shares her insights into some of the craziest sports and the individuals involved in them.

lauren shantall – colour blocking

What is this colour-blocking? Simply defined, it’s two or more “blocks” of solid colour that are placed next to each other. Tension and excitement are created by this relationship. In clothing fashion, it’s all loud brights, while interiors are slightly more ambivalent but mostly bright, rather than muted.

michael haupt – is google male or female?

Enlightened corporations today are challenging the traditional ways of doing business in the face of increasing competition, consumer demands, rising costs and economic uncertainty. What are the characteristics of companies who will survive beyond 2020? His talk will focus on Google, but the insights can be applied to any company, large or small and is particularly relevant to discerning consumers who want to use the power of their wallet to vote for change.

chris swift – umlungu

“Cape Town-based artist Christopher Swift explores his contribution to South African culture and society, as well as his own African identity by incorporating locally sourced materials into his art. Witness the processes he undertakes to create a wide variety of artistic expressions.”

christian christelis – open source software

An analysis and evaluation of open source software and its application.

roger jorgenson – the art and science of distillation

A master distiller who passionately creates artisanal spirits on his farm in Wellington, Roger Jorgensen uses the finest ingredients – most sourced locally – in bottling delicious liquid love, ranging from absinthe to limoncello.