PechaKucha Volume 16









nicky abdinor

NICKY’S DRIVE was initiated by Nicky Abdinor (based in Cape Town, South Africa) who was born without arms and shortened legs. Nicky is a Clinical Psychologist, lecturer and motivational speaker and drives a specially adapted car. She is currently raising funds to have a replacement car adapted in the UK (read Nicky’s Story) and recognised the need to extend the project for people with disabilities across South Africa.

mark vella

Social transformation is possible in a commercially successful business

ricky ayleward, stacey howell, meredith ayleward

The making of the latest Taxi Violence music video.

andrew morris

What are those funny square things? They are a physical link to the digital world unlocked by the most common consumer device on the planet -a cell phone- through which a rich world of interaction and information is available by to the curious.
This presentation is intended to demystify the QR phenomena and offer suggestions as to how these funny little squares can deployed…

rohan millson

Western Nutrition and its ramifications for, inter alia, western medicine, global ecology, and human and animal rights movements.

larry joe

Larry Joe is a talented singer and songwriter who cut his debut solo album in 2010 whilst behind bars in the Douglas Correctional Centre (DCC) in the Northern Cape. Through video, musical performance and interactive dialogue, Larry and Aron (Larry’s producer and founder of Freshlyground) challenge audiences to rethink their own perceptions of language, colour and life story as being defining factors of how successful they can be in South Africa.

mark mckeown

The ancient legend, from the iconic African book – Indaba, My Children, has been brought back to life in vivid detail in our Graphic Novel Adaptation. This story was told around the fires of our long forgotten ancestors, and is the ancient root of all other stories told since. Ma is the first in a three part trilogy, an epic African tale, of how everything, as we know it, came to be.

jonathan deal

Head of Treasure the Karoo Action Group, Jonathan Deal has devoted almost all of his time since February 2011 to fight the companies planning to frack in the Karoo.  He is a passionate campaigner, educating South Africans about this environmentally dangerous oil extraction process proposed for one of the world’s most sensitive ecosystems.

nathan heller

Nathan is the MD of The HUB Cape Town and an associate at Reos Partners, focusing on participatory leadership.  He is also a member of Warriors Without Weapons.  He will share his insights into the  Occupy movement and how (and why) it has developed as a global movement.  He recently attended COP17 where the occupy movement was present.