PechaKucha Volume 17

eric edelstein

eric will be speaking about “constructive engagement” – how user generated-content & crowdsourcing can achieve this. He works at provides Software-as-a-Service that can be used by organisations on their Facebook Fan pages & on their own websites to “constructively engage” their fans, community, customers, and employees.


brett webb

My inspiration and what I have learnt as a designer and a creative being in a crazy world. Little things I’ve picked up that have helped me to grow and get better at what I do. I’m hoping to help and inspire others with what I have to say. Get some fire under them to do great things.

tony elvin

The Langa Quarter, in Langa, the Mother City’s oldest black township, is vying to be a leading vibrant destination for tourists and all Capetonians within the Western Cape. An area steeped in Jazz tradition, rich culture and heritage. The Langa Quarter will support the existing local businesses and the creation of a large number of sustainable tourism focused enterprises, to provide local employment opportunities.

deon robbertze

Deon Robbertze is the co-founder of Sustain our Africa, a collaborative sustainability communications platform that acts as a catalyst for change. By cultivating awareness, showcasing inspirational stories and hosting practical tools for change SOA aims to build an abundant, resilient Africa that can deliver ENOUGH. FOR ALL. FOREVER.

andi brand

Finding one’s life purpose and what does it mean?

hayley mclellan

The ubiquitous plastic shopping bag is wreaking devastation on our planet! We take this article for granted and disregard the bigger picture of its impact. Why do we behave in a manner that is detrimental to life on earth? Can South Africa take a stand and Ban the Bag?

tina lorizzo

Over the last few years, pre-trial detainees’ human rights have received research interest and international attention in developed and post-conflict countries. My talk introduces facts around pre-trial detention and it specifically looks at the Mozambique situation between theoretical approaches to criminal justice reform followed by the international community and practices.

shirley lowe

Natalie’s Circle of Love is a growing network of people holding 11 year-old Natalie in their hearts. Natalie’s courage, maturity and determination to conquer an extremely rare form of bone cancer has inspired all who are following her story since she was diagnosed with Chordoma in January 2011.

bridgett whyte

Bridgett Whyte’s talk provides simple tips on how to be happier, healthier and more effective by monitoring thoughts and developing self. She is a Skills Development Facilitator and seeking information regarding human capacity is her passion. Her mission is to assist individuals and organizations utilize their limitless resources available.