PechaKucha Volume 18


rustum august

A one liner comedian, Rustum is a regular in all the local comedy spots. He was a regular at Zula and has since kept on the scene and increased his presence. “At the end of the day…… comes night.”


yasser booley

Yasser is a photographer that has been shooting since he was 17 and has also worked on documentary films. Journeying through some of his favourite images he presents elements of photography that have kept him hooked for more than half of his life.

cris riego de dios

The Consumer Protection Act (CPA). The law is often a source of fear and dread. No longer: the CPA is here to help. The media have tried to explain the Act in layman’s terms; yet most citizens are still confused. Cris’ presentation cuts through all the legal jargon.

angus mcintosh

Angus grew up on a cattle ranch in Kwa-Zulu Natal, but after studying Management Accounting at Stellenbosch University and stockbroking for Goldman Sachs in London for just over four years, he declined a promotion, left his job and moved back to South Africa to become a farmer. He built a clay home, and with inspiration from various people on the way, became a student of biodynamics, a grass farmer and carbon sequestrator.

hayley mclellan

Penguin Promises – an initiative by animal keepers across Africa! The African penguin is endemic and endangered and determined efforts are called for if we wish to see this species survive extinction within the next decade. The Waddle is walked by people willing to make this difference and create required awareness

richard jamieson

Heidegger’s book ‘Being & Time’ contains some of the most radical ideas in 20th century Western thought. He seeks to break down our tendency to divide the world into subject / object, and point us to the more immediate aspects of our experience. This analysis cuts at the roots of some of the aspects that dominate Western society, for example consumerism and the objectification of people (particularly women) in advertising.

wessel van den berg

Have you heard of the ‘invisible sport’ of geocaching? There are currently more than 1.7 million active geocaches in the world, and it’s likely that there is one close to you… Drop your muggle status as you hear about the adventures waiting around you.

zayaan khan

A contemporary green roof is an engineered system that supports a growing environment while protecting the integrity of the underlying structure. The benefits are numerous and the possibilities endless. With an interest in urban agriculture and the role of food systems on the carbon footprint of a city, Zayaan will present the benefits of Green Roofs.

derek serra

Shooting nudes is often something that many photographers aspire to do – but many seem to struggle to produce images which they can proudly show in public – for a number of reasons. Derek shares his experience of shooting nudes on location and in studios for over 20 years using mainly natural light, bringing together the natural wonder of the nude form and nature’s beauty.