PechaKucha Volume 19


rupert spann

“The boabab tree is synonymous with Southern Africa, a broadly recognized symbol and influential icon in local society. They are landmarks and natural jungle gyms for kids to explore and play on. These trees also provide an important meeting place for people.

ian henderson

Clockmaker Darryn Clark has spent a lifetime rescuing broken, burnt and worn-out time pieces… now he’s making one of his own! Cape Town filmmaker, Ian Henderson, points his macro lens at a strange ‘world in miniature’, of cogs, springs and metal filings.

tony brock

What is Systems Thinking? Is it an Art or a Science? How does it work? Systems Thinking is useful because it will hugely improve peoples’ ability to understand problems and complexity and improve their ability to implement sustainable solutions.

imiel visser

“THC is the most abundant chemical found in the Cannabis plant. First isolated in 1964, THC has been found to protect the plant from UV radiation. Although it is responsible for the euphoria associated with marijuana use, scientists have also found THC to be an analgesic and appetite stimulant.

bernard gutman

Bernard Gutman, a local whisky expert, explains some of the mysteries of the world’s most popular alcohol. Taking a trip through the various regions of Scotland, he explains how ‘the water of life’ gets its different flavours.

elspeth donovan

Are there guiding principles we can use to help organisations operate like vibrant ecosystems? BIOMIMICRY ushers in an era based not on what we can extract from nature, but on what we can learn from her.

tali hoffman

We can’t effectively conserve Africa’s mammals if we don’t know where they are. The overarching goal of MammalMAP (the African Mammal Atlas Project) is to update the ecological records for all mammals across Africa, with numerous and far-reaching conservation benefits…and anyone, anywhere can help us.

joseph stodgel

People in communities around the world are transforming their perceptions of trash and nearing the production of zero waste through simple and highly effective reuse and upcycling practices. So much labeled as ‘waste’ makes for ideal building materials in long-lasting ecological constructions.

deryck van steenderen and his daughter jordan

Red Moon’ is a book by 11-year-old Jordan van Steenderen about Leah Surely, an average teenager. After a routine jog in the forest, her life is changed forever. Fleeing from normality she morphs between human and wolf, discovering the joy and pain of her powers.