PechaKucha Volume 20

lauren de vos

South Africa’s marine protected areas safeguard our seas. Using cameras to monitor the oceans, False Bay on Film is the first video survey of the area’s fishes. Dive in and join scientific innovation from the comfort of your chair. Marine conservation is moving into the 21st century.

marcela guerrero casas

“Open Streets Cape Town” is a city-wide initiative that celebrates the power of open public spaces and provides a place of convergence for different sectors and population segments in the city. Modeled after Bogota’s Ciclovia, it enables citizens to reclaim public urban spaces by creating a temporary network of car-free areas and routes throughout the city. It’s a healthy space for recreational activities that link communities and foster social integration.

jerome rex

The presentation is an overview of the origins of hip hop and its elements (DJ-ing/turntablism, graffiti, breakdancing, rap/emceeing), focusing mostly on the development of rap music into a form of performance art.

tim forssman

The author of ’Bushman Rock Art’ (released this year), Tim Forssman has created a key that enables viewers to easily interpret rock art and its various images and symbols. A unique book aimed at everyday people, it celebrates the unrenewable resource of Bushman Art, an aspect of South African heritage that has the power to bring people together by understanding its deeper meaning and history.

douglas scott

The SA chapter of Wikipedia is launching the Wiki Loves Monuments project, part of a global project running during September. The idea is to get members of the public to take pictures of monuments from across the country and upload them to Wikicommons. This project has already been done in a number of other countries. For example, last year 4,500 pictures of Belgium monuments were submitted.

shania ellis-lee

A few years ago, Shania got sick, really sick. As a Homoeopath it frustrated her to no end that no one, not in anyone in her field or any GPs, could figure out what was wrong. What it turned out to be was a major mineral imbalance, that once fixed, cured her!

ryan purcell

The sport is in its infancy in South Africa, but has millions of players all over the globe and is growing rapidly. Combining elements of soccer, basketball and American football, Ultimate is similar to many team sports in its requirements for athleticism, strategy and on-field skills. What makes it different are several of its counter-culture roots: co-ed competition, self-officiated games, and a strong community ethos. Covering some basics of the sport, the presentation explains what makes Ultimate awesome and shares details on the small but vibrant Ultimate community in Cape Town.

andré de wet

Re_imagining of Nearly Everything.
Powered by New Devices + Connectivity + UI + Beauty = Where we are now.
Andre takes a look back and forward to where the world was and where we are now. How everything has changed and the way we now look at our world. Everything is re-imagined.