PechaKucha Volume 21

jonathan warncke

We are entering an era in which the barriers between creative thinking
and creative doing will be torn down by increased access to technology
and information.

louise coetzer

Movement is a universal language that transcends culture and circumstance; that breaks down barriers and brings people together. We are passionate about movement as an art form and we want to share our passion through outreach programs, live performances, photography and filmmaking, in a way that enlivens, engages and entertains.

mark berger

A stunning photographic journey from here to the edges of outer space, then back again to the minute insides of our body and finally the humble atom and subatomic particles. The presentation highlights the endless and awesome combinations of energy and matter, which is the common denominator of all existence.

niki chapman

Generation Now is the new Big Idea. A global movement led by renowned conservation activist Eugene Cussons, and backed by the Brands for Change product range that represents a shift in mind-set and an innovative way of doing business. The Generation Now consumer has a voice and is the most sophisticated consumer yet!”

jade de waal

Food Jams were started in 2009 by music student – and hardcore foodie – Jade de Waal as a cooking project while in varsity residence. Since then, she has collaborated with videographers, photographers, illustrators, musicians and artists to explore food as a platform for fun and showing people how to cook. Through photographs, illustrations and video, she demonstrates how Food Jams are a powerful force for collective collaboration and inspiration to others that you don’t need a lot to make your own meal, or start a business.

basil scordilis

Hooping has been around since the 1960’s and is receiving major global interest in developed countries. SA is gaining momentum and to us at Arise and Hoop, hooping is all about fun, sharing and community. It’s also a great work out and has been introduced in gyms. And when you get down to it, it looks and feels damn sexy!

marcelle van zyl

A gang and drug infested community that needs help. The vision of Lavender in Lavender Hill is to populate Lavender Hill with lavender and by so doing create a Social Artwork and an Urban Farm for the production of lavender products. The project will bring a huge beneficial change to the community of Lavender Hill in two ways

gavin bonner

A freestyle performance poet, storyteller and musician from London, Gavin is based in Cape Town. He will be the first speaker to attempt a PechaKucha Kamakazi with his quick improvising mind and tongue. By day, Gavin works in schools and with corporates doing theatrical productions.

peter greenwall

Multiple types of failure can be upcycled into material for innovation.The complete lack of financial success as an author and as a musician inspired a fascination with multiples types of failure which Peter has translated into his niche as an innovation consultant, showing corporates how to break failure down to make more things up. This is the back story behind how to capitalise on multiple types of failure.