PechaKucha Volume 22

kai berthold

The Gentrification Relay is an international cooperation project that aims to develop and display different perspectives on urban development and its downsides called gentrification. Starting off as student project at Köln International School of Design, this traveling workshop/exhibition just took place at its second destination, Cape Town.

paul rovis khambule

Beauty pageants have been taking place in SA’s townships since before the 1980s. Kayamandi Beauty Pageant (KBP) uses such events to build role models and inspire youth. While most townships have been labeled as ugly and unappealing, KBP are crafting a new image and developing some inspiring faces.

jess green

Showcasing 20 AWESOME South African entrepreneurs and what they are doing to make SA a better place!

andrew sam newman

After the Haiti earthquake Sam sat down on a pavement in Scotland & begged for poems for the people of Haiti. He received 139 poems in 4 days, and sold 21 copies of a book that didn’t exist. These funded a printrun of 100 copies of QUAKE and raised £500 for SOS Childrens villages in Haiti. This was the 1st of 13 PoemCatcher books and a one-year adventure.

johanna stamps

In our working lives we see positive results from using monitoring and evaluation to develop and evolve projects, making them more effective and efficient. Why should this be any different in relationships, romantic or otherwise? The relationship MOU is an example of a tool to help keep perspective in relationships.

yehuda raff

The Fringe is an area designated to become the Province’s design and innovation precinct. The focus of the presentation will be around the planned design phase in which all Capetonians will be invited to participate in the physical design of the area and asked to contribute to the planning of what the area needs to provide in terms of business support services in order for designers and entrepreneurs to call it home.

nicola jackman – mafrika

MAfrika is a fantastical being from the land of MinXa, she’s only-6-years old & she transforms into the WOWders (beings who make you say WOW)… Currently on a 20-City adventure, she shares some of her journey thus far and what she’s learned from the WOWders & the Dear Ones who support her.

david gwynne-evans – The Home of Biodiversity, makes exploring nature addictive! At home and in the veld, life surrounds us. By uploading photos to, you can quickly and easily identify your photos and contribute meaningfully to conservation. Explore the playflow and how you can contribute to conservation.

eladius ferdinand

Eladius Ferdinand is a Tanzanian hiphop artist. A strong believer in music as a universal language, he will share some of his ‘bongo flava’ (bongo means brain in Swahili).