PechaKucha Volume 23

iain manley

What are you left with after criss-crossing Eurasia for ten years, to return owning nothing but the contents of your backpack? Photos, perhaps, all of them plucked from what is now just a memory? Iain Manley has come home with tens of thousands, stored on a battered hard disk, and occasionally they illustrate something more difficult to quantify: a sense of the world, and his place in it, now utterly transformed.

kirsty williams

A decendant of UK Hood, SisterhoodSA empowers “ordinary girls to do extraordinary things!” Its a non-exclusive group of women from different backgrounds,of all ages who rise to challenges & raise R’s for good causes. We’ve paddled a dragon boat to Robben Island, climbed 3 peaks, freedived 25m & held our breath for near 5mins among other adventures


nkgopoleng moloi

The Japanese are currently the only people in the world that have a word that means death by overwork. They call it Karoshi. In contrast, the Danish word for happiness at work is; “arbejdsglaede”. My presentation uses various ‘happiness research’ from around the world to explain why there can be such extremes in respect of our views around work.

alice toich

A few months ago, I came across a strange phenomenon called “post-Facebook depression”. It essentially describes the general sense of inadequacy and dejection one feels after spending some time on Facebook or social media. The notion intrigued me to say the least and provoked me to create an art exhibition/social experiment titled “The Stalked”

sidharth rupani

In collectives of everything from fish to humans, the simple actions of individuals turn into the fascinatingly complex behaviors of a group. We’ll explore the science of emergence – how many simple interactions can give rise to complex behaviors. What does this mean for us and how we should act and design in an emergent world?

josh ramsey

SailCycleTrek is a carbon-free expedition platform which promotes valuable brands in support of worthy causes. We aim to find change agents and offering them support. Adventurer Josh Ramsey presents his personal story about shifting perspectives and finding purpose. On 25th May 2013, he begins his first expedition, cycling from Cape Town to Zambia in support of Greenpop and their planting of 5000 trees in Livingston. Follow their story as it unfolds @sailcycletrek.

michael sas-rolfes

Public ignorance and misguided policies are largely responsible for South Africa’s current rhino poaching crisis, which at this time is an economic crisis, not a conservation problem. However, if the public and policy-makers do not improve their understanding of the problem, South Africa’s previous rhino conservation success will be undermined.

michael-john phillip

After a boring time in the Friend Zone, Michael-John Phillip decided to cast his net out into the Ocean of Amore and go on 15 blind dates in 24 hours. His presentation is a look at these 15 unique dates, the women he met and the challenge of a dating marathon.

mark vella

Unplanned Dad is a down to earth guide to future parents and fathers in particular from someone who has joined the parenthood club, addressing issues such money, breastfeeding and birthing, why you should beware the 9th day! And why men need a man cave.