PechaKucha Night 29

Angela Horn

In 2008 my partner and I ditched societal norms and sold the bulk of our possessions. Although we didn’t realise it at the time, we’d essentially become minimalists. Since then personal growth has sky rocketed, debt has plummeted and savings are growing nicely. We’re happier than we’ve ever been, and no, we’re not living off the grid like hippies.

Alessandra Botto

The project was born in 2014 to support the making of school to educate young Haitian people after the earthquake. Education seems to be the only way out for them. The project is called Whakiti. The origin of the word came from “Wake” and “Haiti” because the project aims at “waking” the Haitian up, in the sense of making them aware of their potential.

Walter Louw

Beards are something that has always fascinated me, the ability to grow one and all the things revolving around it, culture, styles, respect just to name a few. The focus will be on my experience with bearding, styles, do’s and don’ts and lastly some famous bearded faces that we all know and love.

Nancy Richards

Woman Zone is a movement designed to bring together all women from the Mother City’s cultural kaleidoscope. To get to know one another better, to share stories and experiences, work together, learn from each other – and above all to highlight and promote their past, present and future achievements, not their victimhood. Cape Town’s women are for unity and for integration.

Kirsten Wilkens

I am a disruptor. I am an anarchist. I’m insatiably curious urban designer. South Africans in particular have a pervasive culture of permission asking. It’s polite at a dinner table, but stifling at the scale of city making. I’m coming to ask you why you ask “May I?”

Moray Rhoda

Velocity was founded in 2010 by Neville Howard and Moray Rhoda and is completely self-published. It is the only South African and Australian fantasy and sci-fi graphic novel anthology.

Camille Quine

“Can you believe that by the time some children go to primary school, they have not been exposed to books? Just like those children have not had access to crayons/drawing material and thus do not know how to hold a pen properly when they should be starting to write.
Little Libraries distributes books to daycares and pre-schools in under privileged areas to give children access to the magic world of books. ”

Vijay Mitha

Township and rural off-grid communities suffer from lack of access to electricity. They are forced to rely on paraffin lamps and candles for light. We provide portable LED lights that are affordable and are totally safe. Our lights are recharged on a machine that resembles a bicycle and are charged up simply by pedaling for 20 minutes.We are aiming to create energy entrepreneurs in the townships and rural areas across South Africa, who will be able to earn a sustainable income as well as provide a solution to a pressing social problem. We are an official World Design Capital Cape Town 2014 project.

Ilse Groenewald

Afrikamasutra is the Afrikaans translation of Vatsayayana’s Kama Sutra. What makes it unique? It is the first Afrikaans translation of the Kama Sutra and all illustrations in the book are originally South African. Afrikamasutra looks at love, respect, spirituality, sexuality, intimacy and social issues in a humorous, yet compassionate way.