PechaKucha Night 30

Nerine Gardiner
Girl with Cake

The thing that’s preventing us from changing the world is the idea that we have to change THE WORLD. There’s so much world for one person to change. The thought is paralysing. So what happens when we think about it? Nothing. We need to stop thinking bigger and start smaller.

Chris Muller
Alcohol consumption

As a participant in the enormous, almost ubiquitous alcohol industry, you may have asked yourself a few questions. In fact, drinkers know very little about the substance they throw back on an almost daily basis. After spending the last 19 months researching and writing a book about alcohol consumption - Drink This In - I am keen to share my insights to the world.

John Parker
Lentegeur Spring Project

Bridging the divide between a mental health institution and deeply scarred surrounding community by designing a mental health centre of the future. This project utilizes permaculture design principles that will engender an environmental regeneration. In essence the concept of spring is brought to life through healing people and the environment.

Oliver Brain
Street Sleeper

Street Sleeper provides shelter for the homeless by upcycling advertising billboards into sleeping bags that double as backpacks. This concept: sleeping bags, made from waste, by homeless people, publicly funded, is a powerful advocacy tool to facilitate dialogue and raise awareness on the issues facing these disadvantaged members of society.

Lee John
Paper and Ink - Living in Zimbabwe's Hyper Inflation

Zimbabwe experienced the second highest hyper inflation ever recorded and yet people still managed to get along and survive - albeit only just. So how do people survive without a currency? From first hand experience I'll attempt to describe the situation of barter exchange in a cash(worth)less society. After all - "money" is just paper and ink...

Dewald, Max & Jade
In Foreign Transit

Three young and unique South African creatives focusing on of their respective arts and passions while journeying through India. Their mission, exploring 2-3 distinct parts of India while each indulging in their personal passion and art; Max capturing freeze frame moments, Jade cooking up a storm, Dewald recording each step.

Cobie Coetzee
Childrens Recycle Community

You will be amazed at what happens on Swop Shop Day! The Childrens Recylce Community is a project that encourages the children of Nduli, 12 years and younger, to take responsibility for their environment. All funding for this NGO comes from donations. A success by many measures.

Jovald "jovi" Henriksen
Yerba Mate South Africa

Mate is one of the many cultural drinks of the world with an appealing personality. Jovi shares his quest to discover more about this amazing plant. Believing that yerba mate can become a major global commodity of trade, his talk covers what has learned during his recent travels to Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and, Paraguay, as well as living in South Africa over the last six years.

Simon de Haast
What I've learnt in 8 years of photographing rock bands

Having shared the stages with a few of South Africa's loudest rock bands as a photographer, Simon de Haast shares a few of many images he's captured in the heat of the moment. His talk also includes observations about how we can tap into our vein of creative passion.