PechaKucha Night 31

Adhil Patel

Boardgames have come a LONG way since Monopoly. Today, an ever growing community of boardgamers is emerging, and we’re even using our powers for good, shaping young minds in the townships of Cape Town. Go on a journey through this fascinating world.

Liné van der Merwe
The Four Rooms of Creativity

As Creatives we are expected to keep on developing the latest and greatest fresh ideas. But even the most zany creatives often get stuck. Liné will be sharing on The Spirit of Creativity, what gets us stuck and how to get un-stuck in her talk "The Four Rooms of Creativity"

Kgomotso Seabe
Strategy and the Music industry

By day Kgomotso is a strategist at a below the line marketing agency in Cape Town. By night she is a blogger and event organiser focusing mainly on the electronic music industry in Cape Town. What she has found is that although we have so much talent in this city, doing what they love on a daily basis. She also sees a lot of poor artists.

Lauren Wallet
How the online world is forcing us to be better, nicer, human beings

Reputation as the future currency: the rise of Collaborative consumption by South Africa's global curator; How being authentically you gets you business; Why your individual skill will create your new job; Digital nomads and global citizens; Whats really good about social media.

Andre Hugo

Micro jobbing is the new apricot. M4JAM breaks large projects into small tasks, empowering many geographically dispersed people to quickly and independently complete the tasks using their phones in exchange for payment. Learn how this platform is changing RSA one micro job at a time.

Loubie Rusch
Eat, know, pick, grow, think indigenous food.

Description: It is crazy that we live in such a rich Floral Kingdom in the Cape, yet we eat virtually nothing from it. Loubie will take viewers on a brief and colourful exploration of a few indigenous plant foods, where to find them and a few ways to use them.

Jolynn Minnaar
Jolynn Minnaar

How did a young South African filmmaker land up 10 000 miles from home, fighting the fracking industry’s swooping gag orders that buy the victims’ silence? How did she journey from naive kid to international campaigner? Why should we pick up cameras, a pen or microphone? Why do we need stories that matter?

Adam Weston
Design activism at WDC

What the world design capital is from my point of view. Trying to transfer the perspective from the pretentious idea that it is branded as, into what it is: A chance for the citizens of Cape Town to change their city by getting off the couch!

Cory D'Orazio
New Perspectives: Capturing Kenya's Middle Class

Two years ago, Cory photographed five families that lived throughout the bustling city of Nairobi, Kenya. With photographs, she will explain how this short-term assignment for an NGO turned into a profound learning experience about a small but very influential segment within Kenyan society, the rising middle class.