PechaKucha Night 32

Mariette Nosworthy
How deaf children learn to speak.

A recipe to teach deaf children to speak: Technology. Early diagnosis, Parent coaching. The miracle of the brain. Mix well.Exciting yes? It's happening in Cape Town but few people know about it.This is our passion and we would love to share. By talking of course.

Matt Aberdein
Making things happen

"Growth is a journey, not a destination.
As creatives and makers, we must explore and define our path as we go. If directed and structured, we can build our ideas into products of value. For this, we need the right mindset. It's up to us to make things happen."

Elise Brunelle
SA's secret industry

Which industry has brought R43M in foreign investment into South Africa in the last four years? And sent 220 South Africans overseas to work in Europe and Australia in just the first six months this year? It generates a return on investment of 1.5 - for every 1 rand invested, it turns out R1.50 in business and employment. It provided R12.1M in remuneration for its SA workers and had 82,000 buyers worldwide so far this year. Textiles? Call centres? No, it's opera.

Carla Orkin
Living as Bi-polar

Life in a swing or lif-einas-wing: a taste of my experience on living with bi-polar 2: From the tops of the trees falls the brown knotted ropes supporting the swing to and fro up and down blowing in the wind twisting in the rain shattering in the frost colding in the snow tic tacking blades of grass still quite damp shining in the moonlight twinkle twinkle open eyes and shut. a secret to life is to accept and not want to change it.

Jason Cope
20 different subjects

He will present his personal view on twenty well-known, albeit abstract, topics. Each will be presented with an accompanying image, selected largely for its emotive qualities. The topics, though treated individually, will share the fact that they are concepts that affect each of us on an everyday basis.

Stéhan Botha
Update on sanitation crisis in SA

An update on the sanitation crisis in South Africa’s informal settlements. A proposal to introduce a modular, self-sustaining, personal hygiene and sanitation unit. Features and benefits include the re-use of grey water for flushing, harvesting rainwater as well as the raw material for compost (agriculture) and bio-gas (energy) production.

Jeremy Behrmann

Gap years, sabbaticals and shorter vocational adventures are not luxuries but career imperatives in the 21st century. The world is exploding with potential but with that comes huge complexity, competition and information overload. Breakaways give us the time to understand how we are changing, how the world's opportunities are shifting and what we need to do to position ourselves effectively.

Gil Lang
Are you are Giver or a GIVA?

"GIVA is a digital platform born in Cape Town that enables true one-to-one giving. It connects those who love to give, directly with individuals in need at accredited non-profit organizations vetted by Community Chest. GIVA was designed to help professionals within charities/NPOs to broadcast the specific needs of individuals within their care, based on professional assessments. These posts are collected and featured on GIVA’s 'Need Feed'.

Christof Appel

What makes an event, person, movie, music or product memorable? What if we could reverse engineer memorability to ensure that the best ideas, products, people and events stand out above the constant noise for our attention. In this talk I show the two things that cause memorability and give examples of music, events, movies and products that have cracked the code. The talk challenges the listener to use the tool of memorability to make a big difference in the world.