PechaKucha Night 33

Shamillah Wilson

Young people today are faced with many challenges. Most of their issues are linked to their lack of ability to bounce back - that inner resilience they need to be able to deal with set-backs, loss and distress. Our current society places the burden on young people to excel, succeed and just survive. The question is, if the education system (both basic and higher) does not equip young people with the necessary competencies to deal with life, who takes responsibility? What are the consequences for us as a society if we don't? What are the rewards for us if we do?

Clinton Jones
Cycling around SA's perimeter

Clinton Jones will be chatting about a dream come true that he is encouraging everyone to attempt; A 19 week, solo bike ride around this wonderful country that he did in 2013. It was a journey of blood, plenty, plenty sweat and a buncha tears as his eyes were opened to the magic that this country, South Africa, has to offer.

Shane Quinelle
The Mission to a GOLDen Height

At face value, this story may appear to be about another mountaineering expedition. Looking deeper, it's about much more: following your dreams, trying to build a better world through everyday actions, and learning valuable 'life lessons'. The expedition contains many parallels to everyday challeanges and some of the curveballs thrown our way as we each journey through life. The presentation is less about where we ventured on our Mission to GOLDen Height, but what we took away from the experience.

Conn Bertish
Cancer Dojo

Using conceptual, playful thinking to create a role for himself, Conn Bertish was able to connect his mind to his body and his cancer treatments. Boosting his immune system and helping him beat cancer in 2013. Medical Profs, doctors, oncologists & neurologists have urged Conn to share this technique to assist others, which is what he does in this presentation

Richard Hardiman
The Vitruvian Man -Disarmament of the male ego

The Vitruevian Man is based on the idea that at heart people are all venerable; spending years building up defences, armour & masks to hide this venerability. An immense amount of daily life is wasted energy on keeping up the facade. This talk teaches how people can strip away this outer layer of armor & become better managers, business people & ultimately better versions of themselves

Robin Sprong
Visual Literacy

Visual literacy plays an important part in understanding the impact on the feeling of a space. It can work together with the space to enhance or against the space to kill the feeling and atmosphere. Taking into account artist representation and trend forecasting, Robin Sprong works in image generation, curating wallpapers using computer based design tools and photography. He shares his thoughts on how incredible the impact of visual literacy is wallpaper and how it can completely transform a space.

Mattias Axell
Changemaking - A How-To Guide!

Change - how does it happen? People are often hesitant to the unknown. So what makes us prone to go through a change-process? Being new to Cape Town Mattias Axell, together with 47 students, volunteer to empower power through change. How do they do it? This presentation share thoughts and experiences on how!

Robert Greeff
Contemporary Abstract Visual Artist

As a Contemporary Abstract Visual Artist Robert Greef is often asked about his creative process regarding technique, execution of Elements of Design and concepts in his Art. In this presentation, he shares his passion and creates a window/snapshot into his artistic “How’s” and ‘Whys”.

Lance Brown
The Driver of Change

Lance shares his personal journey growing up on the Cape Flats where he was exposed to gangsterism, drugs and violence. Once a delivery driver, he's now a tax consultant for one of the world’s leading financial services firms. His key learning - create and seize opportunities - is now his life philosophy. He believes it's possible to change the course of one’s life and now consider himself a “Driver of Change” who inspires individuals to find opportunities within his company to maximize their potential.