PechaKucha Night 34

Sjaka Septembir
Trained clown

All his work, all he does, all he is flows out of his heart and his heart is a clown. His poetry, acting and directing all have clowning at its core. Clowning is not about hiding behind a mask. True clowning is about being open and very very vulnerable.

Roxanne Boyes
A dream should not be a dream, it should be a plan.

After realising how short life could be, Roxanne made a bucket list at age 23 and in one year she made enough money and explored some of the most extreme places on earth, fulfilling my dream of being an adventurer. I want to inspire people to LIVE more & show them how easy it can be!

Iain Manley
Travel Stories from Real People

Iain spent 10 years travelling. Mostly in Asia, mostly overland. He met many wonderful people and by telling him their stories, they helped him really see their homes.

Katja Rockstroh
Turtle rehabilitation at Two Oceans Aquarium

The Two Oceans Aquarium has rehabilitated sea turtles since it opened its doors in 1995. With the influx of Loggerhead hatchlings this year, the fact that plastic has entered the food chain is a reality we all need to face and take action against, in order to protect these charismatic sea animals.

Stephanie Benjamin
Stephs Ladles of Love

Stephs Ladles of Love is a monthly soup kitchen at Freedom Farm Informal Settlement. On the first Sunday of every month over 500 people are fed from 80L of food cooked over an open fire. This is done every month through donations and with the help of volunteers.

Sebastian Davies, Grant Ross, Daniel Cameron Becker, Travis Stedman
Danger Diaries

We firmly believe in using more time to make a difference in the world. Highlighting our unique "living list" of tasks, we prove that you can have fun and make a huge impact on peoples' lives. Our philosophy is #ShareTheJoy... inspiring a new way of giving back in the 21st century

Phenias Sadondo
From Madzinga Village to Cape Town: The Story of My Life

Born with hearing impairment in Madzinga, a little village in Zimbabwe, failing to write G7 due to sickness, Phenias was written off. His peasant farmer parents had words of encouragement. To germinate even without water; go beyond logic; forget his stature; to thrive without money. Phenias found himself at UCT.

Kenan Petersen
Finding My Mother - Through Poetry

He love's his mother, but seems to have fallen into the trap of loving her as if she were a utility. He will explain how writing poetry is forging a more vibrant, creative and human relationship between the two of them.

Shoni Khangala
Intertwined with Disability

Shoni Khangala inspires people to craft powerful, inspiring narratives for themselves, irrespective of any adversity that forms the basis of their story; and to bounce back from adversity and take full charge of their destination. It is also a call for a change on our perceptions of ‘ideal’ role models.