PechaKucha Night 35

Dave van Beuningen
Sharkspotters. Humans need sharks and sharkspotters

Cape Town has the second largest aggregation of white sharks in the world, and the largest next to a major urban city. Thanks to an innovative programme which seeks to understand this majestic creature and change peoples perceptions, humans and sharks are able to coexist.

Robyn Farah
How to Survive a Robot Uprising

The concept of robots has been around since ancient Greece but in the last century we have seen them progress faster than only SciFi writers dreamed. We created them to do tasks that we found tedious, giving them intelligence to perform without our supervision, and now we fear they will outgrow us.

Epiphany Stransham Ford
Youth environmental ambassador

Her name is Epiphany. She is 12 years old and wants to talk about how she overcame her fear of diving in the sea and discovered a wonderland full of creatures in the rock pools and kelp forests of Cape Point Nature Reserve.  She will highlight how important it is that we pay attention to protecting and conserving these treasures.

Leanne Brady

This is a story about humanity. A story about resilience. A story about hope. The current Ebola outbreak in West Africa is the largest the world has ever seen. There have been over 27,609 suspected cases, and 11,261 deaths. The effects on the health system are devastating. The socio-economic impacts are even worse. Earlier this year I had the privilege of joining a team in Freetown, Sierra Leone as part of the Ebola response. #morethanebola is an Instagram photographic series I did during this time to depict the everyday lives of people living in Freetown during the epidemic. To tell the other part of the story...the human story.

Jake Easton
Myth and History

The written word history of coffee says that it was discovered by a Sufi Mystic goat-herd on the Arabian peninsula. The power of science and genetic markers combined with analysis of history tools prove a different story. I propose to tell the true story of coffee's origins. An African history. Effectively I will be using time lapse images to show how Historians wrote the story of coffee: (e.g., that it originated in Arabia, that it was found by a Sufi mystic goatherd who made coffee with it...). And then to show how, using gene studies and archaeological methodology, it actually moved from Ethiopia to the world and that coffee as we drink it today was most likely invented by a woman. Science over history any day.

Shoni Khangala
There is a locust leg under my pap

The talk inspires people to take stock of their life experiences, to accept and embrace even some of the most difficult or traumatic challenges they might have faced; and to use some of these experiences to craft a powerful and inspiring narrative – as part of creating a new reality.

Adriana Marais
She is going to live on Mars, really...

Adriana feels privileged to be living at this particular point in the 3.5 billion year history of life on this planet. The possibility of contributing to discovering evidence of extra-terrestrial life is what she finds most fascinating about the prospect of being amongst the first Earthlings to move to Mars

James Clayton
Flower Spider Project

James builds giant pneumatic robot animals with biological and digital components. The first one is the flower spider, a 300kg 5m x 5m pneumatic spider with a geotextile suit planted with real flowers, which performed in Company Gardens in March. The next one is the Ghost frog, a giant pneumatic frog that jumps, currently being funded. His grand vision is to establish a place where these animals live. Part habitat, part science centre, part performance venue and a hotbed of robotics, art and biotechnology innovation.

Simon van Gend
Song Writing

Simon is part of an introspective indie/folk/rock band called Simon and Bande a Part whose music is described as unique blend of folksy foot-tapping red wine fireside poetry. As the vocalist of the band Simon has set out a challenge of writing one song every week for the next 12 months.