PechaKucha Night 36

Aletta Rochat
Speak Less to Say More

We all speak, but are not often heard. By following simple techniques you can make sure that you connect with those you are speaking to by listening intently. You can learn to be immediately relevant and then to speak to your value. This presentation draws on Aletta's global life experiences. You will leave this presentation with practical tips that will pay dividends in your personal life and career!

Bheki Mashaba
The Power Of Dreams

Bheki will be talking about how his father inspired him by following his dreams especially the uncommon dreams and that despite the difficulties he faced he still chased his dreams. His desire to accomplish his dreams inspired Bheki from a young age and now at the age of 22 Bheki has written a book which is being published, and is also a co-founder of an events management company, created a TV game show which he is currently pitching to production companies , and is also about to launch a sports agency company whilst completing his studies at the University Of Cape Town with majors in Economics and Statistics. Mention on how reading business, motivational books and attending seminars and worshops helped Bheki.

Hayley Bagnall
Office waste paper

The Sophia Foundation’s social enterprise endeavour to transform waste office paper into an alternative fuel for low income families. No brainer? No goer! Interested to know what happened when she investigated printer ink and toners, the revelations and why she is eliciting ideas for alternative uses for the Paper Logs?

Apoorv Bamba
Traveling to GROW: Unlocking Happiness

Apoorv Bamba has travelled to over 24 countries and hosted workshops in eight of them. He truly believes in the essence of learning through interacting with different cultures and people who think differently to others. Apoorv will share his journey of growing with each country he lived in share some key insights of being an Indian expat living in South Africa for two years

Gaetan Schmid
Body Language

"Body language … is fascinating because Gaetan believes our bodies never lie. We might use words to say something nice to someone but simultaneously our body is saying: “What an idiot!”
He is passionate about exploring these hidden truths - so revealing about ourselves, and then sharing them"

Steve Benjamin
Sharing the beauty of life beneath the waves

Steve has stories from exceptional moments during the past 8 years spent photographing and working behind the scenes in the wildlife film industry. Steve will share the beauty of our oceans, life and business lessons I’ve learnt through dealing with the unpredictable, as well as the hard work conservationists are doing to protect this vanishing wilderness.

Meagan Pereira
Are you an addict?

Is sugar addictive and really that bad for us? What effect does it have on our minds and bodies? Where are all these sugars hidden? These are questions Meagan Pereira will explore, bringing more awareness to the foods we consume and to shed some light on how the food industry isn't what we like to think, or pretend to think it is

Paul Comley
Brain Friendly Learning / Interactive Learning

In South Africa billions are spent on education and training, resulting in a per capita expenditure comparable to first world countries. Despite this we’re at the bottom of the education and productivity pile. We’ll explore how a brain friendly solution makes learning effective, fast and fun across all cultures. Other topics we will cover: Accelerative Learning, Kinetic Learning, Positive Practices, Dealing with Frequent Shortfalls, Gamification, References and Research

Elaine Woodbridge
Mid-Century Snapshot Photography

Elaine Woodbridge collects mid-century vernacular photographs. She has a large, well-organised collection of 35mm slide snapshots by ordinary people of everyday life and travel in the 1960s. Elaine restores images digitally and in her art practice she makes digital collages from found photographs. Her academic background is in archaeology and sociology.