PechaKucha Night 39

Fiona Juan
Letting go of my "isms"

Fiona, a woman of colour and asian culture born in Africa who needed to fight prejudices with diplomacy and take discrimination on the chin. To be the change meant dropping her innate sexism, racism, classism, and ageism. Interesting and weird self exploration takes Fiona from the lens of observation to the participation of being.

Xanelé Puren
Design Play with children

Jeremy Puren will talk about designing environments where children live learn and play. He will share what happens when children (and adults) are given an open space with tools, materials and the freedom to build anything

Candice Lind
Paws of Cape Town

Paws of Cape Town is a parody site of the popular "Humans of New York" blog. It shows a range of cats and dogs with their imagined quotes. All pets are available for adoption from relevant welfares in Cape Town and surrounds. This is my story.

Emma Wright
800km across Spain

Emma Wright has just returned from her self-nominated sabbatical: walking 800km of the Camino de Santiago. She clears up some of the common misconceptions about the camino, shares a few antidotes from her journey, and offers tips for anyone who has it on their bucket list.

Brendan Later
Music culture in modern South Africa

Let's produce an SA musical narrative to counter Western pop music. Let's have depth, cultural expression & a native voice to empower & develop SA youth. Let's provide platforms that teach & educate with music moves more than the hips & reaches the heart, that connects with the African soul

Lois Strachan
Topping up your positivity tank

When Lois Strachan lost her sight at the age of 21, she had to learn new skills and techniques to help her overcome the challenge of living as a blind person in a sighted world. Lois shares some of the techniques that helped her move forwards after this devastating occurance.

Thomas Chevallier
Building a Green Economy in Cape Town

Thomas Chevallier wants to help participate in building an inclusive, green economy. His talk will offer a constructive call to action to citizens of Cape Town by explaining the 'Green Economy' through his personal experiences of sustainability, inclusive growth, business and governance

Bonga Jwambi
Meeting a nun changed my life

Since the moment Sister Brenda, a Scottish Catholic nun, asked him to draw Christmas cards, Bonga Jwambi - now a furniture designer and artist who specialises in upcycled furniture - realised the potential to make a career as an artist. With no formal training in art or design, Bonga says: “art is something I can say I was born with”.

Phyllis Rawley
Meet Phyllis Serene Rawley

You can know a lot about a woman from the contents of her purse or bedside table. Phyllis is a storyteller, ex-missionary, dominatrix and the founder of Her BHAG is to positively affect the lives of 1 billion people. She does it by teaching about sexual wellness and relationships. Her stories are what she has learned thus far: If you are only using sex for pleasure, you're missing 80% of its purpose.