PechaKucha Night 40

Galeo Saintz
Why trails matter to design, to me and to everywhere!

Galeo Saintz is an international trails ambassador and chairs the World Trails Network, a network that includes some of the world’s leading trails and trail destinations from over 27 different countries. He is the co-founder of two of South Africa's mega-distance hiking routes, the Rim of Africa and the Eden to Addo Great Corridor Hike. He is also currently working on creating a long-distance pilgrimage from Robben Island to Qunu. As founder of South Africa’s only walking festival, which takes place on the Garden Route and hosts over 75 different walks over 5 days, he has plans afoot for a Table Mountain Walking Fest amongst others.

Hugo van schalkwyk
How to Youtube

Hugo's talk is a brief explanation on how he started making YouTube videos, encouraging others to start making YouTube videos as well. The main points are, it’s not difficult, you have the tools and you can make money from it. The talk ends with playing one of his videos.

Marco Rosa
The reality of Virtual Reality

"The reality of virtual reality". What is virtual reality exactly? Where is the technology right now? What is involved in creating meaningful virtual reality experiences? What are the dangers and pitfalls of VR? Why is there so much hype around VR? What the future holds for VR and how can it positively impact the world. My focus will be on the educational application and possibilities that VR offers us.

Leanne Reid
The self-demise of white privilege

"The self-demise of white privilege” questions the acknowledgement of privilege, it's definition & source & the future of white privilege in our society if inequality is left unchecked. Leanne Reid explores the importance of education & empowerment in developing an inclusive society to ensure the “privilege” of the next generation.

Mpumelelo Sefalane
Dine with Khayelitsha

Dine with Khayelitsha, a conversational dinner for all over African cuisine. Discussion topics topics include social issues, innovation, entrepreneurship & much else. Since starting, 12 conversational dinners have happened in Khayelitsha, bringing together 382 guests internationals and local.

Joshua Palfreman
Urban Development in sub-Saharan Africa

Waste Ventures in Africa is a critical examination of the business models and innovative technologies being employed by urban planners to manage waste, water, hygiene and sanitation across sub-Saharan Africa and more specifically how South Africa can act as an incubation hub and provide solutions to the continent's most pressing challenges.

Nicola Scholl
Play Handball

What motivated Nicola Scholl to establish the 1st sports & development organisation focused on handball in Africa & worldwide? What kept her moving-forward without any financial support? What is Handball & why is this sport good for South Africa? Nicola answers there questions & more.

Neoka Naidoo
The grey areas of conscious consumerism

Most people are unaware of the consequences of their daily choices. Drawing the link between daily products and the environmental and social impacts is necessary for people to question and take responsibility for their choices. In the globalized world we live in, learning the effects of 'buycotting' products is imperative

Ron Rutland
Fat Kid on a Bike

For most the view of the world is derived from what we see in media. This sadly paints the world & Africa in particular, in a pretty bad light. Ron had the privilege of spending 27 months cycling 30,000km through every country in Africa. This is what Africa and its people taught Ron.