PechaKucha Night 41

Laurence Esteve

There is lots of serious work behind-the-scenes at a circus. Laurence Esteve, co-founder of NGO Zip Zap Circus, Cape Town with some of the performers share personal stories about the people she has worked with, the importance of teamwork and discipline behind this performance art

Robert Pinter
Competitive Edge Motivation

Based on his own personal experiences, Robert shares his observations of what successful people have and what many others seem to lack. Keen to see more ambition manifested in South Africa, Robert regularly pursues self-development as part of enjoying a full life.

Dave Cotton
Gi Gi goes to Bodrum

Gi Gi goes to Bodrum', a short film created using a cellphone and two dolls set to modern Turkish hip-hop. This is Gi Gi’s love story of leaving her parents to become a go-go dancer. Life is rough until she is rescued by a man who sees her inner beauty.

Alex Searle
Creating an online band

Musician and first-time filmmaker. Alex shot and edited a YouTube-style documentary of the culture in Vietnam. Screened in Hanoi and potentially some festivals around the world, Alex has formed a completely online-based band with some of the artists he met. Alex will share this experience.

Johnny Miller
Income inequality

Unequal Scenes is a photo project of inequality in South Africa, taken from a drone. These photos have received worldwide interest and have been published in several of the world's most prominent media outlets, including BBC, CNN, Huffington Post, The Sunday Times, and many more.

Chris Auret
Art Director to Responsible Human Being

As an Artist and Maker, Chris is in the process of driving a Crowdfunding Campaign (#1000PrintsNoFootprints) to raise R1million for a plot of land as part of his vision to reforest South Africa and build a Creative Retreat.

Patrick Schofield
The Story of Crowdfunding in Africa

Crowdfunding has emerged as an incredible manifestation of the sharing economy. It is changing the way in which we use our money and power in Africa, providing greater transparency and choice as to how and what we invest in. Imagine the results when the action of one individual is connected by a website, with three or three thousand people globally, all sharing and supporting the same thing. For Africa, crowdfunding is proving to be a powerful means of change, breaking down social, culture and financial barriers

Kimberleigh Makeleni
Establishing a NGO for kids.

Kimberleigh wants to help children be mature and positive and to help proactive adults take care of kids. With a dream of starting a soup kitchen and feeding scheme in the Cape Flats and Townships and working with children in need so that they can better concentrate in school.

Richard Mulvey
Richard Mulvey

Life is a Box of Kleenex is a very funny, rather cynical look at life from the age of minus 9 months to 100 years.