PechaKucha Night 43

Wisaal Abrahams
Leading for the new Era

The School of Pressure is a mobile curriculum that seeks to test and reveal the strength of Leaders in their relationship to Pressure. The School is designed on the premise that a Leader is born with an innate talent to lead and hold a vision for others, differing from Leadership where anyone can exercise ownership of their roles and purposes in life.

Lee Dzbenski
Couchsurfing: How to become a tourist in your own city

Lee found herself alone and with friends who had different priorities.So she signed up for everything and found Couchsurfing which changed her life. She found dinner companions, party buddies, learning about new cultures, making friends, discovering your city. Ultimately falling in love with her city, herself & humanity.

Nicolas Yolland
The Camino de Santiago from a child's view

11 year old Nicolas Yolland took a rite of passage journey with his mother on the Camino de Santiago something she him at 2 years old. Nicolas will tell the story of his journey, what he learnt and who he is as a result. His wish is to inspire people to step outside of their comfort zones to experience something new and to realise that, as in adventure as in life, just by putting one foot in front of the other, they will reach their destination.

Giovanni Freeman
Growing leaders through grassroots basketball

African Grassroot Hoops was established in November 2014, and registered as a non-profit company (NPC). The aim was to bring basketball to underprivileged areas in Cape Town, and surrounding areas, by building and/or revamping public basketball courts. By building and rebuilding basketball throughout South Africa we will have a positive influence on a large number of youth, while simultaneously creating a platform to be used in life development. By this we are setting them on a path to a productive adulthood.The focus is on young and impressionable individuals. We believe in empowering basketball clubs to be self-sufficient by holding them strongly to our philosophy to learn how to fish

Noeleen Bridle
The Mind, Behavior and Plant Based Eating

Noeleen Bridle believes plant based eating is the key to improving our health, happiness and overall appearance. Most importantly it is the link between food and behaviour that she would like to share with you. How can working with your thoughts and mind be the biggest tool in your life?

Kim Hutton-Brown
DNA of Innovative Leadership - Positive thinking does not work -

On its own Positive thinking never works! For true change, we need to un-memorize old emotions and recondition the body to a new mind, and attitude. The journey of how to change and lead your life through understanding that every-day thoughts are reflected in the reality we experience.

Andrew Cole

Andrew recently attended the 3rd annual gathering of PechaKucha city organisers in Tokyo. He shares some of his observations and experiences based on a very short visit to the city, the world's largest.

Grant Greeff
Part time work full time passion

It is the act of prioritising our passions that will truly shape our country and the World. Where the majority of our time is spent does not determine the level of impact we have on humanity and our environment. It is what we prioritise in our lives that determines our impact. Are our priorities based on time allocated or on our passions?

Nermin Numic
Why the F*** not?

Numa, from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a war child refugee with a positive attitude about life. Sharing where his life has taken him, making dreams come and embracing chances life offers. Why the f*** not! His decisions took him from a war country through Europe eventually to South Africa