PechaKucha Night 44

Blake Dyason
How picking up a piece of litter inspired thousands

The first trail clean Blake did opened his eyes to the impact we have on our environment. The passion to stop litter & using plastic was real, no more turning a blind eye, expecting others to fix it. After hosting the largest one day clean up they helped build a school & perform operations with the litter collected.

Gary Hirson
What if I had the recipe for your success?

With tongue in cheek & comparisons to Richard Branson & Michael Jordan, Gary shares "the recipe to success" - what, why & when we want something, writing it down & breaking it down. The three beliefs needed to achieve & choosing how to react when things don’t go as planned.

Tapiwa Guzha
Plant biotechnology and the wonders of GMO's

Tapiwa a plant bio-technologist making & studying GMOs for the academic and socio-economic benefit of South Africa. African solutions to African issues of drought, poverty and public health. Tapiwa will explore an alternative to the often negative public perception of GMOs.

Muriel Argent
The grandaddy of swing dances has taken root in Cape Town

Lindy hop, granddaddy of swing dances has taken root in Cape Town with all the joy, energy, and community that made it. Originating as a cultural movement almost a century ago this exhilarating dance is once again an international phenomenon. Muriel takes us on a dance journey through the ages.

Buhle Sithela
Bin Cleaning to Bring cinema in township

Buhle believes movies can inspire and educate. With the profit made from a bin cleaning project Buhle hosts solar-powered cinema in the township. Buhle will talk about how this is eliminating health hazards and bringing awareness to the community.

Annika Theron
Living on a farm in Washington state

Annika will share the story of how she was living in a tent on a farm for about five months with no water or electricity being faced with solving daily farming-related challenges. Becoming removed from conventional society, allowed her to appreciate time to truly LIVE on a day-to-day basis.

Chris Currin

Computational Neuroscience is a rapidly emerging discipline whose methods and techniques are critical for analysing and understanding the brain: one of the most challenging scientific problems faced by mankind. The payoffs are huge, not only for mental health, but many scientific spinoffs, like artificial intelligence and brain-computer interfaces.

Tamara Wensing

Tamara created her life by following her feelings and believing in herself. She wants to create FRANK as a community in Cape Town by broadcasting inspiring movies. People today get ill & depression, Tamara knows this and feels she can change this. We must dream big.

Pierre du Plessis
Women's rights according to Disney Princesses.

Sleeping Beauty, one of the first Disney princesses is nearly completely passive in the film. Compared to one of the recent Disney Princesses, Princess Anna from Frozen. Pierre du Plessis will be talking femininity, women’s rights by following the princesses from Snow White to Moana - and a few surprises.