PechaKucha Night 46

Reese Chittenden
Reese Chittenden

Just imagine everyone is naked” - a simple but ineffective solution to overcoming fear of public speaking. Previously Reese’s greatest fear, now a passion. He will encourage others that overcoming a fear requires a mindset shift. You begin by confronting new challenges and exploring previously uncomfortable experiences.

Kirsten Wilkins
Ride The Divide

Doing 1780km bicycle ride in 10 days followed by Comrades marathon & Unogwaja Challenge, Urban Designer & Bicycle Advocate Kirsten Wilkins the most incredible opportunities to merge fundraising changemakers & athletic effort. Kirsten shares her experiences & questions how we move from individual effort to real societal change

Sean O'Connor
Death Cafe Mortal Monday

Sean will talk about his experience hosting a non-profit event called Death Cafe. At a Death Cafe, people come together to discuss mortality as a means to making the most of the unknown time they have left, & eat delicious cake. Talking about death, I've found, is good for life

Leonie Joubert
Psychedelic psychiatry in SA?

Magic mushrooms could be the kind of breakthrough for mental health treatment as penicillin. Leonie Joubert investigates the renaissance of psychedelic psychiatry & visits an underground movement of therapeutic & ceremonial 'journey guides'

Andrea Gema
Film and Faith

Film is an expression of our conscious and unconscious worlds. Film depicts our engagement with the spiritual dynamic of this life, painting visions of the battle between good & evil. Andrea Gema questions what this battle is & how we can learn more about it from films we view

Alexandre Vellieux
Reduce food waste

Food waste is a massive global problem. Can it be addressed with technology? One of the founders of JustNow (a new app) thinks so. This is his story.

Marnita Oppermann
200 days without buying anything new

Marnita Oppermann will share a personal story about not buying anything new for 200 days. The challenge transformed Marnita's relationship with money and gave her a new perspective on materialism

Nershen Pillay
Positive Thinking-The #1 Cause of Suffering

The principle of quantum entanglement applied to a conscious mind proves that positive thinking is the number one cause of human suffering. Nershen Pillay is on a mission to touch the lives of at least one billion people with this concept

Braam Malherbe
Extreme Performance

The 8,100km row that Braam Malherbe undertook in February 2017 was about purpose beyond ego. Braam has no place in his life for blame and entitlement. When one has purpose, one becomes significant. Braam’s purpose is about DOT, Do One Thing for the planet