PechaKucha Night 48

Elaine Woodbridge
Exploring a derelict factory in Germany

Elaine Woodbridge travelled to Germany to explore a derelict factory where her grandfather had lived as a prisoner of war during WW2. Through this, she came to know the place where her grandfather had lived first-hand and is now writing a book about his wartime experiences.

Ana Loayza
Reset at Afrikaburn 2018

A report back on the development, building and use of a structure in the middle of the desert based on an online collaboration beforehand to design it for use at Afrikaburn, the spontaneous creation of community and a gifting economy in the Tankwa Karoo, now in its 11th year.

Matt Bush
Hold To Your Dreams

Matt shares how he achieved his dream of free solo rock climbing, including the inner journey and battle to overcome his personal fears. In the process, he has achieved South Africa's most challenging rock climbs... without ropes and safety gear. Visually stunning (and a bit scary), his message: hold to your dreams because it's possible and it will lead you to amazing places.

Komal Kumar
HIV-to-HIV kidney transplants

On a Fulbright Scholarship in South Africa, Komal documents those working on HIV-to-HIV kidney transplants on both sides of the Atlantic, as well as the attitudes, knowledge, and perceptions of the HIV+ population towards HIV-to-HIV transplantation. The talk focuses on Dr. Elmi Muller and her journey in performing the first HIV-to-HIV kidney transplant and the reaction of institutions thereafter,

Ruben Hazelzet
The climate diet

The Climate Diet is a global sustainable food initiative. They create accessible recipes that battle the effects of climate change. How? By collaborating with Master Chefs around the world that inspire a climate diet.

Andrew Patterson
Hiking up Table Mountain every day in 2018

In the face of so much negativity in the news, Andrew has sought to create a positive story to raise money and awareness for organisations doing amazing work in the country (like Habitat for Humanity). By hiking up Table Mountain EVERY DAY during 2018, he wants to show South Africans that together we can do incredible things.

Grant Greeff
Entrepreneurship: Moving from # to reality

Based on 7 years of experience, Grant paints a picture of entrepreneurial life for non-entrepreneurs to better understand the perseverance, discipline and passion it takes to be a business owner.

Neil Kohler
Flow, more than just an optimal performance state

Through sharing his journey from global surfing traveler to Big City survivor, Neil Kohler will be talking Flow & why it's the next Mindfulness revolution. He will cover three essentail qualities of Flow, it's characteristics, how is occurs & why we have all experienced it.

Tegan Phillips
How to punch fear in the face

Using her own drawings (and photos), Tegan shares her story about a self-designed circumnavigation of New Zealand. In order to conquer the challenge - equivalent to 10 IronMan-distance triathlons - she drew herself a small purple potato to help her handle the scarier parts of the adventure.

Elaine Woodbridge, Ana Loayza, Matt Bush, Komal Kumar, Ruben Hazelzet, Andrew Patterson, Grant Greeff, Neil Kohler, Tegan Phillips.