PechaKucha Night 49

PK 49 Ryan Fortune Cape Town
Ryan Fortune
The Necessity of Struggle

A Typical Millennial Response' is a collection of writings dedicated to re-shape the unpopular narrative of millennials, sharing personal accounts of young people, struggling to find their place in the world. Having inherited socio-economic challenges that aren’t necessarily their own, Ryan refutes the term 'millennial', shedding insight into the long-standing ideals of young people being mistaken as new-age trends and how at the end of the day, they're just trying to cultivate a life worth living.

Pete Woodbridge
The Creative Monkey

Showcasing his work (concept art with monkey characters) and the process behind the creation of an image, Pete takes us through his creative journey as an Illustrator, his sources of inspiration, as well as the tools and mediums he uses, to demystify the magic of creating something from a blank page.

PK 49 Laura Marson Cape Town
Laura Marson
Living a Dynamic Life

Laura has gone from working in the design field to cook to solo world traveller. It is finding small opportunities and taking leaps of faith to make big changes. She hopes to encourage and inspire others with curious minds and wanderlust souls.

PK 49 Andrea Schneider Cape Town
Andrea Schneider
The Gifts of Mental Health Illness

Having lived her life with chronic mental health illnesses (MHI), Andrea wants to de-stigmatise and sensitise people to the life of someone with MHI's. By presenting her story and highlighting the gifts it has brought her, she also wants to flip everything we believe about mental illness. Having been diagnosed with binge eating disorder, borderline personality disorder, OCD, ADD and being bipolar, she is now happily married and leads one of the most progressive projects working with people who inject themselves with drugs.

PK 49 Marzahn Botha Cape Town
Marzahn Botha
Solo Sketches of the Skeleton Coast

Marzhan, a photojournalist, was invited to shoot a photo story on the Skeleton Coast, one of the most deserted place on earth. Her talk is about how the desert spoke to her in times of need through shipwrecks, lonesome animals on the dunes, footprints, colours, and abandoned airplanes.

PK 49 Jade Khoury Cape Town
Jade Khoury
Living a Low-Impact Life

Daring Greatly Jade is a mother, creator, eco activists, teacher and budding entrepreneur. She will be sharing some of the milestones, highlights and learnings of a life changing venture that has spanned over the last 3 years. It started with a leap of faith, and has resulted in her living each day with passion and purpose.

PK 49 Leah Armstrong Cape Town
Leah Armstrong
Farming: not boring and ripe for change

A trip to Ethiopia 17 years ago lit a spark in Leah and paved the way for an interesting career in agriculture. As a farmer, she is passionate about living a sustainable life: how food is produced, how it impacts the earth and how people benefit. In rural Africa, many farmers rely on their livestock as an informal banking system, but have no access to animal feed during times of drought. Using drought-hardy fodder trees and complementary agricultural practices she is making a tangible difference in the lives of small-scale farmers.

PK 49 Timea Kulcsar Cape Town
Timea Kulcsar
The Day I nearly Died

We think we have forever to do the things we always wanted to do, to be the person we always wanted to be. But we never really know when our time will be up. Timea shares her story of just how close she came to death from a ruptured brain aneurysm, and the lessons she learnt from the experience about living life to the fullest, while we still have time.

Ryan Fortune, Pete Woodbridge, Laura Marson, Andrea Schneider, Marzahn Botha, Jade Khoury, Leah Armstrong, Timea Kulcsar.