PechaKucha Night 51

Tapiwa Guzha
Telling African Stories Through Food

Tapiwa Guzha is a lover of food - he believes in the power of food as a means to strengthen familial bonds and communities, share cultural knowledge and bring strangers together.

Tony Huang
Tea: A Beautiful Ceremony

With a passion for tea and the ceremony that surrounds it, Tony shares his deep knowledge about the business of tea and the beauty of a tea ceremony, one that is steeped in history.

Linzy Green
Life Frequency – The Power of Water

Water gathers traceable memory of all that it touches. Everything living is mostly made up of water and needs water in order to exist. The essence of life is affected by frequency, whether it be our thoughts, feelings, music or symbols. Water is so powerful it has the capabilities to store information.

Jacqui Smith
Balance The Sea Within Through SUP Yoga

SUP yoga is all about being present and fully in the moment without question or fear. If you hesitate, the ocean will give you a little bump into the icy cold
waters for your mind to clear. Water is perfect in every shape, wave and form that she creates and through this practice it reminds me so too are you my dear.

Lara Kaplan
Love / Hate Relationship With SA: Why Not to Emigrate

My relationship with S.A. was one of Love and Hate. I hated the crime, I loved the lifestyle! Emigrating to Canada seemed like a great option. Think United Nations, the mighty Dollar and mostly, CRIME-FREE LIVING ! 2,5 years of paperwork later, I got there. Soon I realised that abroad, I was a "small fish in a big pond", as opposed to the other way around in "bad old" SA! The euphoria of snow skiing, romantic Christmas lights and my Trans Canadian railroad trip was soon replaced with severe loneliness and hardships in my marriage and finances.After earning Canadian Citizenship, I returned home to S.A, the best lifestyle in the world, but mostly to friends and family & weather I loved & adored.

Anna Shevel
How To Save Ourselves and The Planet From Your Fork!

Did you know that with every bite you eat you could invest in local economies, pay fair wages, grow biodiverse ecosystems, invest in women entrepreneurs, reduce CO2 emissions, preserve indigenous cultures, invest in your health, reduce medical bills & increase your longevity. But where to find it?

Glenn Moncrieff
Rock Climbing Outreach

DreamHigher is an outreach initiative aiming to bring rock climbing to the vulnerable youth of Cape Town. Our home is one of the world’s premier rock climbing destinations. The emotional benefits of climbing, the strong bonds within the climbing community, and exposure to the beauty of the natural world make this sport an ideal opportunity to build bridges across social divides, connect youth with their natural heritage and heal the damage inflicted by violence, substance abuse and poverty on the youth of Cape

Tamara Wensing
Ibogaine: The Medicine Plant

Tamara Wensing worked for 4 years with the medicine Ibogaine. A plant from Gabon which was discovered in 1900. More and more people are aware that the use
of plant medicines surface the traumas and when you face your truth you can heal. The truth sets you free.

Greg Gelb
Blurred Lines

There's a fine line between reality and imagination and often we are so comfortable to stay within the confines of our reality, too scared to venture into the Darkside, our imagination. But he is going to share with you my message on blurring the line between reality and imagination, taking the risk and transforming our imagination into reality. Anything in life is possible, if we have an idea, we can make it into a reality, we need a thought, a bit of effort and energy and we can turn it into our reality.

Tapiwa Guzha, Tony Huang, Linzy Green, Jacqui Smith, Lara Kaplan, Anna Shevel, Glenn Moncrieff, Tamara Wensing, Greg Gelb