Speaker Guidelines

Application Process

  • Email a 50-word synopsis of your talk together with a minimum of 5 samples slides to info@pechakucha-capetown.com


  • Complete and upload your slides on the PKCT website.
  • NOTE: Applications to speak should be received at least a month before an event.


    • For examples of some great PechaKucha presentations, visit www.pechakucha.org.
    • Before applying to present, attend a PechaKucha Night to get a good feel for what it’s all about.
    • Simplicity is the name of the game. Avoid too much text. Bullet points are considered very uncool.
    • Make presentations as visually appealing as possible.
    • The aspect ratio of the presentation should be 4:3
    • Avoid effects or animations on your slides.
    • PechaKucha is about sharing passions and interesting stories. Speakers should NOT try to sell anything to the audience.
    • Use high resolution pictures (150 dpi minimum)*.
    • Presentations must be supplied in either PowerPoint (Microsoft) or Keynote (Mac). Not pdf.
    • Single images on a slide should ideally be landscape, rather than portrait.
    • Label your presentation with your name.
    • Practice. Practice. Practice.


  • Every presentation must have 20 slides.
  • Selected presentations will be set up with with each slide appearing for 20 seconds.
  • If a video clip or some other form of rich media or performance is to be included as part of the presentation, please check with the organisers to see what is possible as this will be a rare exception.

Apply to Speak here!